shaking hands and tax forms


Engel Tax & Accounting began in 1969 when Gary Engel began working at H&R Block as a second job to provide for his new family. Gary worked for H&R and various other firms and carried a modest client base for himself during these years. In 1976, he acquired a book of business from a new employer and began focusing more on expanding his business. Working nights, weekends and traveling the tri-state area, Gary earned the trust of his clients with his accuracy, honesty and customer first attitude. A growing business and a growing family, Gary and his wife gave birth to their second child, Bryan, in 1976. By 1992, Engel Tax & Accounting Inc was a full scale operation; serving individuals and corporations from around the country. 

Bryan Engel, MBA ’99, began working for Engel Tax & Accounting in 1999, with visions of following in Dad’s footsteps and an eye on his future family. After two years of working an apprenticeship under the tutelage of his father, Bryan began acquiring clients of his own with strict monitoring being conducted by his partner. Throughout the years, Bryan has expanded the business and continued to serve clients from all walks of life: investment bankers to actors, financial analysts to photographers.  

Times have significantly changed since Engel Tax & Accounting was founded. Paper and pencil has been replaced with computer software, snail mail has been replaced by e-filing and the tax code is more complex than ever. What has remained consistent is the values from which this company is based on: Fairness, Honesty, Hard work. These are values that we look to uphold as we take this company into the future.  

“The common theme that I have found in my years serving my clients is that clients are looking for someone who they can trust, someone who is working for them. Though tax preparation is a bit of a chore for many, I see it as an opportunity to help individuals and families. I have terrific clients and working with helping them brings me great joy. 

Selecting a tax preparer is like any investment, you expect a return on investment. Be it time savings, a maximum refund, reduced liability, penalty avoidance or tax advice that saves you money, I strive to give each and every client a return on their investment in me”

– Bryan Engel